We would like to offer our customers clear and well functioning personal services. Therefore if as a Kawe Kapital customer You have propositions or complaints about our services you may contact us.


  1. Submission of complaint

As a Kawe Kapital customer You may submit complaints in any form (oral or written) and via any communication – e-mail, phone our team or by writing to our main e-mail The complaint must refer to the circumstances and document that the complaint is based on.

  1. Processing and responding to complaint

We try to solve complaints without delay and we´ll contact You not later than in 7 calendar days. If it is not possible to solve the complaint within the specified term, we will notify You of the reasons for extending the term and the new due date of response.

  1. Supervisory authorities, bodies conducting pre-judical proceedings, court

As a Kawe Kapital customer You may ask for an additional independent assessment or for solving a dispute from the following supervisory authorities or bodies conducting pre-judicial proceedings (this list is not exhaustive). You may also file a statement of claim with a court.

1. The Financial Supervision Authority. Sakala 4, Tallinn 15030, phone 6 680 500, fax 6 680 501
2. The Consumer Protection Board. Pronksi 12, Tallinn 10117, phone 6 201 700, fax 6 201 701,
3. Data Protection Inspectorate. Väike-Ameerika 19, Tallinn 10129, phone 6 274 135, fax 6 274 137
4. Court according to jurisdiction. Additional information: